Table of Contents


  1. Barnard, Rita

    1. J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace and the South African Pastoral
      Rita Barnard
  2. Buxton, Jackie

    1. Casaubon Revamped: Contemporary Adventures in the Archive
      Jackie Buxton


  1. Dickey, Frances

    1. Bishop, Dewey, Darwin: What Other People Know
      Frances Dickey
  2. Draine, Betsy

    1. Angela Carter and Kathy Acker: Not a Eulogy
      Betsy Draine


  1. Gray, Timothy

    1. Process and Plurality in New York’s Urban Pastoral
      Timothy Gray


  1. Linkin, Harriet Kramer

    1. Telling Tales about Angela Carter
      Harriet Kramer Linkin
  2. Lyons, Bonnie

    1. An Interview with: Edwidge Danticat
      Bonnie Lyons


  1. Punday, Daniel

    1. Pynchon’s Ghosts
      Daniel Punday


  1. Schmidt, Peter

    1. A New Study of Eudora Welty’s Life and Writing
      Peter Schmidt
  2. Socolovsky, Maya

    1. Deconstructing a Secret History: Trace, Translation, and Crypto-Judaism in Achy Obejas’s Days of Awe
      Maya Socolovsky


  1. Thurston, Michael

    1. “Writing at the Edge”: Gillian Clarke’s Cofiant
      Michael Thurston