Index by author


  1. Attewell, Nadine

    1. “Bouncy Little Tunes”: Nostalgia, Sentimentality, and Narrative in Gravity’s Rainbow
      Nadine Attewell


  1. Begley, Jon

    1. Satirizing the Carnival of Postmodern Capitalism: The Transatlantic and Dialogic Structure of Martin Amis’s Money
      Jon Begley


  1. D’Hoker, Elke

    1. “What Then Would Life Be but Despair?”: Skepticism and Romanticism in John Banville’s Doctor Copernicus
      Elke D’Hoker


  1. Henninger, Katherine Renée

    1. How New? What Place?: Southern Studies and the Rest of the World
      Katherine Renée Henninger
  2. Hicks, Heather J.

    1. Limning Science Fiction’s Edges
      Heather J. Hicks


  1. Li, David Leiwei

    1. On Ascriptive and Acquisitional Americanness: The Accidental Asian and the Illogic of Assimilation
      David Leiwei Li


  1. Mallot, J. Edward

    1. Sacrificial Limbs, Lambs, Iambs, and I Ams: Nathaniel Mackey’s Mythology of Loss
      J. Edward Mallot


  1. Newton, John

    1. Native Americanist Abroad: Exporting Blood Metaphysics Down Under
      John Newton
  2. Nixon, Rob

    1. An Interview With: Pat Barker
      Rob Nixon