Table of Contents


  1. Brown, J. Dillon

    1. Exile and Cunning: The Tactical Difficulties of George Lamming
      J. Dillon Brown


  1. Cormack, Alistair

    1. Migration and the Politics of Narrative Form: Realism and the Postcolonial Subject in Brick Lane
      Alistair Cormack


  1. Eliášová, Věra

    1. A Cab of Her Own: Immigration and Mobility in Iva Pekárková’s Gimme the Money
      Věra Eliášová


  1. Hart, Matthew

    1. An Interview With: David Peace
      Matthew Hart
  2. Hayot, Eric

    1. Immigrating Fictions: Unfailing Mediation in Dictée and Becoming Madame Mao
      Eric Hayot


  1. Jin, Wen

    1. Transnational Criticism and Asian Immigrant Literature in the U.S.: Reading Yan Geling’s Fusang and Its English Translation
      Wen Jin


  1. Walkowitz, Rebecca L.

    1. The Location of Literature: The Transnational Book and the Migrant Writer
      Rebecca L. Walkowitz