Index by author


  1. Belletto, Steven

    1. Curbing Containment: Cold War Studies in the Twenty-first Century
      Steven Belletto


  1. Cooney, Charles M.

    1. Intellectualist Poetry in Eccentric Form: John Ashbery, French Critical Debate, and an American Raymond Roussel
      Charles M. Cooney


  1. Dworkin, Craig Douglas

    1. The Imaginary Solution
      Craig Douglas Dworkin


  1. Jay, Gregory

    1. Other People’s Holocausts: Trauma, Empathy, and Justice in Anna Deavere Smith’s Fires in the Mirror
      Gregory Jay
  2. Jenkins, Lee M.

    1. NewWorld/NewWord Style
      Lee M. Jenkins


  1. Kaczvinsky, Donald P.

    1. Memlik’s House and Mountolive’s Uniform: Orientalism, Ornamentalism, and The Alexandria Quartet
      Donald P. Kaczvinsky


  1. Royal, Derek Parker

    1. An Interview With: Thane Rosenbaum
      Derek Parker Royal