Index by author


  1. Altman, Toby

    1. “What Time Has to Do with Him”: Queer Temporalities in Robert Duncan’s The H. D. Book and “A Seventeenth Century Suite”
      Toby Altman
  2. Alvergue, José Felipe

    1. When the Untheorizable Sustains a Poetry of the Unthinkable, or Theorizing Hemispheric Poetics
      José Felipe Alvergue


  1. Filar, Diana

    1. Finding Jane: Lyric Individualism, True Crime, and Maggie Nelson’s Multiplicity
      Diana Filar


  1. Goldstone, Andrew

    1. The Hidden Continents of Publishing
      Andrew Goldstone


  1. Pérez-Torres, Rafael

    1. An Interview with Manuel Muñoz
      Rafael Pérez-Torres


  1. Sastri, Reena

    1. “Wildly Constant”: Anne Carson’s Poetics of Encounter
      Reena Sastri


  1. Whitmarsh, Patrick

    1. Speculative Geologies: Project Mohole and Anthropocene Narratives in the Work of Reza Negarestani and Karen Tei Yamashita
      Patrick Whitmarsh